Friday, July 13, 2007


Growing up in the Midwest I'd never had a fresh fig so I didn't miss them. Then I lived in the Pacific Northwest for two years, where figs were common and plentiful and easy to grow -- and now that I'm back in the Midwest, I'm missing those plump, soft, tender little fruits. The good news is they're starting to appear at stores. I took the plunge and spent a little money to bring home a pint container with about 12 Black Mission figs. Worth every penny! I've had them in a broiled raspberry-fig dessert and as appetizers. Tonight is the last night -- I have 4 left -- and I'll be savoring every morsel.

Here's what I had last night:


  • good crusty bread
  • spreadable goat cheese
  • figs
  • fresh mint leaves

Slice bread into appetizer-size pieces. Mine were about 1" x 2". Spread with goat cheese; top with fig wedge (my figs were small so I quartered them). Tuck mint leaf in. Enjoy!

I think these would make a nice light dessert dish with a few toasted chopped almonds sprinkled on the goat cheese and just a touch of honey drizzled over the fig and cheese.

As always... cook, eat, dance, love!


Belle-ah said...

Just popped over from the SL board and your blog is just lovely! I will definately be back to read and get some inspiration.

Carol Ann said...

Belle, thank you for the kind words and also for the congratulations. Enjoy, and be sure to let me know if you have questions about anything I post -- I'm not always the best editor! :)