Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fair Food

I went to the Great Geauga County Fair -- and if you know anything about fairs, you probably know it's all about the food. Or at least partly about the food. Fried food, primarily, but if it isn't fried it's probably sweet. And sometimes it's both.

And, it's about food competitions.

First, food to eat... and no shortage of it fried.

Battered-dipped Oreos and the now-traditional fried Twinkies, all in one spot. Yetch. But you gotta get a kick out of the concept.

And yes, I indulged in some fair food. You have to. It's part of going to the fair. (More about fairs, fair geeks, the Great Geauga County Fair, and fair rules here. Oh, and fair needlework here).

Next, on to the competitions.



Baking-related: a new twist on the gingerbread house... a pretzel and graham cracker house.

Not to be missed, all the veggies:

And finally, the veggie critters. I've never seen them at a fair before but they're the epitome of county fair. And they made me laugh.

I love fairs. I love the food at fairs in all its forms. And I love to cook, eat, dance, love!

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